Immigration law has constant modifications, exceptions and different applications for each case. With the advice of a qualified attorney, you will be prepared for any problem that may happen and that, due to misinformation, could become a reason for rejection or even denial.

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Deportation proceedings

If you face possible deportation before an Immigration Court, or if you have already been deported, you have the right to be heard to get a fair solution. Consult with our experienced immigration attorneys with a proven reputation for helping clients who face complicated issues before Immigration Courts.

At Law Offices of Duque immigration Law, PLLC, our priority is that you have a fair hearing and a fair result. As immigration attorneys, we have taken care of difficult cases and had helped our clients to find effective and innovative strategies to overcome serious charges. We are honest and direct with our clients about their chances of success, and we assure you that if the case is viable, we will make every professional effort to fight your deportation.

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