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Carlos Duque | Abogado de inmigración Miami

Will recommend 100%! Carlos Mauricio Duque worked on my family immigration case in which he went above and beyond his responsibilities as a lawyer.
He is a very well educated immigration law professional who will fight on your case non-stop with all his team.
We will be forever grateful for all his efforts on reuniting our family.

Thank you!!!!
After 7 years of waiting at the end everything went as the lawyer said on the first date,
The process was slow, but in this slowness, nothing had to do with the magnificent team that has the lawyer Carlos Duque, not to mention the excellent attitude of Andrea in the office in Bogota that was pending the trip of my son to travel last week to receive the long-awaited residence,
Thank you and thank you Carlos Duque lawyer to you and all your team.
Victor Sucovsky

Removing case.
Four years ago on of my colleagues referring me to Mr. Duque after I explained to him my immigration situation. I called him and explain my issues right away he made an appointment for us meet the following week. We sat and telling him how long I was in this country without a green card. He agreed to take on

I already recommended your office.
I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. It was quite a long process and sensitive one.
Your faith, knowledge and determination were something that solves my worries and minimizes our concerns along with my wife.
Wallid Hallal


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