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Carlos Duque | Abogado de inmigración Miami


At Duque Immigration, PPLC, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals related to your U.S. immigration process. We work with you to navigate the complex immigration laws and to find a way out of your particular case. In this way, we help you to obtain your permanent residence or citizenship, to apply for asylum or to cancel your deportation.

Our law firm will provide you with a complete and honest analysis of your situation to help you decide the best course of action.


I have consulted with different attorneys about my case, and some of them told I didn’t have an option, other said to pay a tons of money to see if there was Something they might be able to do, one even said to go get “beat up” because that was my only solution. I cannot express how grateful I’m with Laura Kelley and all her work. She helped and is currently helping my wife and I in our immigration case. I cannot put words to the relief she is giving to me and my family.
Gerardo Gomez
Después de un caso complicado, me negaron la visa y tuve que presentar un waiver, el abogado Carlos M Duque y su gran equipo nos guiaron con mucha experiencia hasta en el más mínimo detalle, el abogado logró obtener un resultado positivo. Él estuvo en todo momento a nuestro lado ejecutando con gran profesionalismo todo el proceso. Mi esposo y yo estamos muy agradecidos de corazón con el abogado por siempre!!!
Will recommend 100%! Carlos Mauricio Duque worked on my family immigration case in which he went above and beyond his responsibilities as a lawyer.
He is a very well educated immigration law professional who will fight on your case non-stop with all his team.
We will be forever grateful for all his efforts on reuniting our family.


Our immigration technology and software allows us to offer a complete and timely service to all our clients around the world. We store documents in the cloud with strict security parameters and accessible from any location.

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