At Duque Immigration Law, PLLC, we are committed to providing the necessary legal support and representation in challenging times. We understand that facing immigration detention in the United States can be overwhelming and terrifying. Therefore, we want to provide you with valuable information about your rights and options in this situation.

Why Immigration Detentions Occur

Immigration detentions can happen for various reasons, including:

Illegal Entry

If you have entered the United States without authorization or have overstayed your tourist visa, you may face consequences related to illegal entry.

Deportation Orders

Deportation orders can be issued for not complying with the terms of your visa or violating immigration laws.

Serious Crimes

Being convicted of serious crimes or involvement in criminal activities can lead to immigration detentions.

Lack of Valid Immigration Documents

If you lack valid immigration documents, you may encounter challenges related to your immigration status.

Your Rights in Immigration Detention

It’s crucial to be aware of your rights if you find yourself detained by immigration authorities in the United States:

Right to Remain Silent

You have the right not to answer questions related to your immigration status.

Right to an Attorney

Requesting to speak with an attorney is fundamental when facing immigration detention. Legal representation is crucial.

Right to a Deportation Hearing

You have the right to a hearing before an immigration judge before any deportation occurs.

Right to Not Be Mistreated

While in immigration custody, you are protected against mistreatment and violence.

Options in Case of Immigration Detention

The available options vary depending on your specific situation:

Legal Defense

Working with an experienced immigration attorney can help you explore legal avenues to avoid deportation.

Seeking Asylum

If you fear persecution in your home country, you can seek asylum in the United States.

Deportation Cancellation

In specific cases, you may be eligible for deportation cancellation if you meet certain criteria.

Temporary Protection

Some individuals may qualify for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or Deferred Enforced Departure (DED).

Legal Guidance at Duque Immigration Law, PLLC

At Duque Immigration Law, PLLC, we are dedicated to defending your rights and exploring all available options to protect your immigration status. We understand the complexities of immigration laws and are here to provide the legal support you need.

If you or a loved one are facing an immigration detention situation, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experienced immigration attorneys is ready to assist you in navigating this process and advocating for your rights.

You are not alone in this situation! Reach out to us today for legal guidance and expert defense.

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